Galaxy Note Update to Jelly Bean

Samsung has released the Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.2 for the Galaxy Note Update to Jelly Bean. This is a great news for users who are using the official Samsung Firmware.

The Jelly Bean firmware is available through KIES or OTA. The download package is more than 500MB and the whole update process will take you 15 minutes to complete.
software update

Remember to charge your phone fully before doing the update.

Screenshot_2013-03-26-19-58-47[1]       2013-03-31-12-53-30[1]

This update will move you from the Ice-Cream Sandwich to the Jelly Bean.
Take some time to explore the features which has been on S3 and Note 2.

This may also be the last update Samsung will give to Galaxy Note users.

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