Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Launch in Singapore

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is finally launch today by the major telcos in Singapore. It cannot only be purchased by email invitation if you have reserved your copy with your telco. But do not worry, as the Galaxy Note 2 will be release to consumers in the coming weeks.


Singtel Prices
Let’s look at the prices for Singtel Plan

Flexi Lite(SG$39.90/mth): $588
Flexi Value(SG$59.90/mth): $288
Flexi Plus(SG$99.90/mth): $98
Flexi Premium(SG$205/mth): $0

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more expensive than the iPhone 5. The cheapest voice with data plan will set you back with $588 upfront plus $39.90 per month. You will pay less fees per month of 15% to 40%  if your company is on the Singtel CIS scheme.

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