Kindle Content not available in Singapore

I love to read ebooks on my Kindle. But Amazon will not ship Kindle to Singapore or Malaysia as Kindle content is not available in these two countries also. Yet many Singaporeans are still buying the Kindle as SIngapore is a global market and Amazon cannot stop it from selling here. You can buy it at the Marketplace in Hardwarezone Forums or the GMarket. There are many sellers who have bought the Kindle to Singapore.

The real challenge is how to buy the Kindle Content?

Like many others, I have found a creative solution to it. Today, I will share with you how I am able to get Kindle Content even though it is not available in Singapore.

  • Login to your Amazon Account.
  • Goto Manage your Kindle or click here>>>
  • Click Country Settings under Your Kindle Account
  • Change it to United States(need to key US Address)

I can now buy Kindle Content and transfer it to my Kindle now.

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