LCentral Success program

I wanted to improve my daughter English Literacy Skills which she was lacking in this area. After much research, I decided to bring her to the LCentral to try their program. You can book a free assessment where the teacher will access which program she can join. There are many ANG MOH's teachers in the Woodland branch and my daughter love the foreign teachers. The teacher assigned her to join the Success Program in LCentral.

All parents, you can book a free assessment for your child by calling the respective centres.

This is one of the factors where many parents mind when looking for a program to improve their children education. If you are a Popular Card member, you will enjoy 10% discount off the course fees. But the discount will only be apply on the next term and not for the initial registration(current 1st term). The school charges by term which is 11 lessons.

The registration fee was S$40 but was waived off as I was recommended by my friend whose child was studying here also. I only need to paid S$504.85(with S$30 voucher) which include the term fees, deposit and material fees. 

Success Program
Term Fees: S$399.85(Weekdays)
Book Deposit:S$20
Success Material Fee:S$15 

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