Backup SMS for Sony Ericsson Phones

You will be able to backup your SMS on your Phone using the Sony Ericsson PC Suite. But you will not be able to move the messages back to your phone from the computer. So you just keep the backup of the SMS on your computer only.

Please take note that you must use Phone Mode for Connections. This allowed the PC Suite to access all Phone Contents.


Click on Text Messages on the left side bar. You will be able to access all your sms on your phone.

Backup SMS to PC Suite

  • Click on the message you want to backup
  • Right Click and choose Copy To
  • Choose the Phone Profile 
  • SMS is now backup to this Profile

My Phone Profile is My W705 and I will see all the SMS I backup to this profile. I will be able to backup SMS here and then delete it on my Phone.

6 thoughts on “Backup SMS for Sony Ericsson Phones”

  1. Hi, this is the problem I am having, the phone connects to PC suite and only once has it shown up the current messages on the phone when I click on the inbox in PC suite. Very annoying, I want to use the information being sent in the text messages and I should be able to just copy it off PC suite. Any ideas?

  2. Sounds great! but it that only for SONY Computers? What I mean is that will SMS backup will be also applicable to other laptop brands such as ACER but Sony phones. It’s sound interesting.

  3. wow it’s so great! can this application backup my sms in the time before i used it? i want to backup all my text messages history..
    i hope you can help me.. thx 😀

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