Viewing PPStream Chinese Characters

PPStream allow users to watch thousands of movies and drama serials from Hongkong plus shows from many other places. Many of you will encounter unable to see the chinese characters on the software. You only get rubbish characters on it. You need to perform some settings on your computer in order to view the chinese characters on it.
This tutorial is based on Windows 7 but you can also find it on Windows XP and Windows Vista as it is available in the Control Panel.

Goto Start – Control Panel – Clock, Language and Region – Region and Language – Change Keyboards or other inputs method


Click on the Change System Locale and change the language to Chinese (Simplified, PRC). Apply and then click on OK. Restart your system go back into PPStream and you should be able to view the chinese characters in the software.


What is system locale?
The system locale determines the default character set (letters, symbols, and numbers) and font used to enter and display information in programs that don't use Unicode. This allows non-Unicode programs to run on your computer using the specified language. You might need to change the default system locale when you install additional display languages on your computer. Selecting a different language for the system locale doesn't affect the language in menus and dialog boxes for Windows or other programs that do use Unicode.

3 thoughts on “Viewing PPStream Chinese Characters”

  1. i have a small problem
    btw this works with traditional taiwan as well
    but, doing this screws up how my fonts look in programs, namely msn.
    when i type, i choose fonts like times new roman, arial, but they all look messed. they look like the weird chinese-twisted lettering, but i have no idea how to keep the locale for pps. but then have my msn letters not look stupid 😛
    please help?
    restarting everyime i wanna watch pps/ use msn is just too inconvenient.

  2. MY character do not look stupid or weird as my Windows XP System is still English. The system locale is mainly for my PPStream only.
    Is your Windows XP in English or Chinese already?

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