Region Code Hack for LG DVD Player

LG DVD Player DV172K was not able to play all Region Code DVD. I finally found a Region Code Hack to enable the LG DVD Player DV172K to play all Region Code DVD. LG has already got the function inside but not reveal to the consumers. But if you have bought it from Courts, a slip has already been inserted to all the LG DVD DV172K on how to made the DVD Player Region Free. I will share with all of you the Region Code Hack.

Region Code Hack

  1. Press the Power "ON"
  2. Do put any DVD inside and waity for "No Disc" Message
  3. Press the 'STOP" Button
  4. Press the "PAUSE" Button
  5. Key in "314159"
  6. Key in "0" when the Region Code Menu appear
  7. Press the "PAUSE" Button

That is all and your LG DVD PLayer DV172K is now Region Code Free and can play DVDs from any region.


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