Upgrading Satellite M70 Laptop Memory

I am upgrading my Toshiba Satellite M70 Laptop Memory to boast my laptop performance and speed. The Toshiba Satellite M70 Series Laptop
takes the PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM SODIMMs Memory Type, and comes installed
with 512 MB (removable) of Memory. You can upgrade your
Toshiba Satellite M70 Series Laptop to up to a maximum of 2.0 GB
, the system has 2 sockets to install Memory, already with 512 MB
(removable) standard Memory installed. For best Laptop performance use
the maximum amount of allowed Memory per slot for your  Laptop. I will be placing 1GB of Memory in each of my socket to get the maximum memory of 2GB.

The recommended Memory Manufacturers will be Corsair, Kingston, OCZ, G. Skill and Crucial. You can also buy other cheaper brands if it is available at your retailer store.

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