R4 Ultra Flash Card Firmware 1.54

R4i and R4 Ultra is a SLOT-1 flash card for NDS series consoles (R4i supports DSi). It's the same size as an original card. R4 Ultra is an upgrade version of R4. It supports SDHC, has multi-media features, and can run that most games and homebrews. It is a equipment that have to been owned for the global NDS series player.

R4Front R4Back
R4 Ultra Front R4 Ultra Back
R4iFront R4iBack
R4i Ultra Front R4i Ultra Back

The newest kernel version of R4i&R4 Ultra is 1.54 , released in Apr.18 2009. R4i and R4 Ultra use the same kernel, supports multi-language.
Download Firmware 1.54>>>
Visit R4 Ultra for other languages Firmware>>>

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