Delphin Vaccum Cleaner Review

The Delphin Vaccum Cleaner looks like one of the best vaccum cleaner on the market. But if it is the best, why is it not sold in retail stores but through Direct Marketing Company. One of the factor maybe the cost as they cost S$2600 to S$3500 depending on the promotions.

I have attended the Home Demo of the system and it really outperform the vacuum cleaners of Dyson, Philips, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Panasonic and many others. The Delphin Vaccum Cleaner made use of a high speed motor and water to performing cleaning for you. The motor is spinning at 18, 000 RPM and flush the dust and dirt into the water and cleans the air. You will see crystal clear water before usage and after using it for a minute, it is dirty water inside due to the dust. The main selling point is that it states it can remove the dust mite and the feces it produce on our matteress.

Another selling point is the normal vaccum cleaner we are using is generating dust. Let me just explain a bit more for all of you. The vaccum cleaner is sucking all the dust and dirt into the vaccum cleaner and then air is also coming out from behind the vaccum cleaner. Most of the expensive(S$200 to S$500) vaccum cleaner has got a HEPA Filter behind the vaccum cleaner. This is to ensure the air that is coming out only got small amount of dust of less than 0.3 microns.

Gold and Silver Series
There are two different type of series which is the Gold and the Silver Series. The only difference between them is the adjustable knob for vaccum suction. The Gold Series will have an adjsutable knob for adjusting the vaccum suction. The Silver Series only have a ON and OFF button for the vaccum suction. The price difference is as much as $S400 just for a electrical braking component to adjust the vaccum suction power. The sales man will not tell you the existence of this model unless you have the intention to purchase but hold back due to the price

Cost of Delphin Vaccum Cleaner
The price for a Gold Series is S$3424 while a Silver Series is S$2600. You can pay full cash settlement or GIRO and Credit Card. If you pay by GIRO, you will need to pay interest as it is finace through Hitachi Credit. For credit card holders, you can take 6,12,24 or 36 months installment interest free plan. But take note if u take above 12 months interest free plan, you will have no reason to ask the bank to void your annual card fees. You will still need to pay a deposit if you use the GIRO or Credit Card Interest Free Plan.

Warranty of System
They promised you a three year warranty of the system and if you sign up during the demo, they will extend the warranty by another Seven years. But this is limited to sign up after the demo session. This is one of the hard selling tatics employed by direct marketing company. Owners of the system has told me that the warranty will not cover wear and tear of the system. It will be difficult for consumers to judge if the motor or the suction accessories be damage after 3 or 5 years usuage. If they tell me it is wear and tear, then what is the warranty for them?

Delivery of System
The Delphin Vaccum Cleaner is already in their van. The moment you said YES to the salesman or saleswoman, they give a call and the delivery man will send the unit up to your house within an hour or less. But take note once you sign the purchase invoice, there will not be any refunds for it. You can read more about the customer complaints at SG Forums.

Delphin Vaccum Cleaner Complaint@SG Forums

This is one of the best vaccum after the Rainbow Vaccum Cleaner. Having a good product alone is not good enough as after sales support is important for the owners also. I have research through the blogs and forums for the Delphin Vaccum Cleaner Owners reviews and most of the complaints are purchase on impulse but no refund given or the poor after sales service provided by the company. Another important factor is the salesman or saleswoman servicing you. A good and ethical salesman will ensure this Vaccum Cleaner is value for money and provide good after sales service.

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