Admiralty Primary School Phase 2C Vacancy

There are only 74 vacancies available for Phase 2C applications in Admiralty Primary School for Phase 2C. Excitment will rose again as demand exceeds supply. Last year, there was 138 vacancy and this year it drop to less than 100 available. The takeup rate for the earlier phase for siblings studying in the school, school volunteers, parents associated with school and others has already snapped up more than 200 positions.

It looks like only those who stay in 1KM have any chances of getting their child into this school. Ballot is expected to be held for parents stay in the 1KM region given that only less than 100 position is available. Many Parents has turn to do volunteering work at the school to ensure that their child has a chance to gain entry to that particular school. Admiralty Primary School is no different and has many parent volunteers. Therefore their child will qualify entry in Phase 2B and did not wait till Phase 2C.

I wish all Parents the best of luck if you are apply in Admiralty Primary School.

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