Kingdom of Hearts 358/2 Days Piracy Protection Fixed

Kingdom of Hearts 358/2 Days is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS. It is the best selling Kingdom heart Series. There is a piracy protection on the game so that it will not work on flash card like R4, DSTT, Edge, N5, Cyclods(Ver 1.54 & below and others. You will be able enter to the game main screen but once want to start the game, the piracy check will start. Most likely you are going to get a black screen.

CycloDS Flash Card
CycloDS user just need to install the Firmware Ver 1.55 Beta 1 for the game to work as the developers has patch the game. This Firmware is not official launch on their website but use by many gamers with no issues. Current Official Firmware is still Ver 1.54 on the CycloDS website.

Cyclo DS Firmware Version 1.55 Beta 1

I am not sure whether it will work on your flash card but gamers have try on R4 DS Ver 1.18, DSTT Ver 1.18 and others flash card by using a Hex Editor to edit the ROM.

It currently works on:
R4DS 1.18 (Fix Below)
R4DS SDHC 1.25 (Fix Below)
R4 Vol. 2 (clone) (v.1.18) (Fix Below)
R4 Deluxe (clone) (AKAIO 1.4(manual load)) (Fix Below)
R4i (clone) (AKAIO 1.4(manual load)) (Fix Below)
R4 Ultra (clone) (AKAIO 1.4(manual load)) (Fix Below)
M3Real (M3 Sakura v.1.35) (Fix Below)
iTouchDS (Fix Below) 
EDGE (Fix Below) 
Acekard 2 (AKAIO Firmware 1.41) (Fix Below)
Acekard 2i (AKAIO Firmware 1.41) (Fix Below)
DSTT (Kernel 1.17) (Fix Below) 
DSTT Fake (AKAIO 1.4) (Fix Below)
EDGE (No Patch Needed, Newest Firmware) (Fix Below)
N5 (N5 Firmware v 1.30) (Fix Below)
EZFlash V (?Kernel 1.90 openbeta11?) (Fix Below)
EZFlash VI (?Kernel 1.90 openbeta11?) (Fix Below)
Supercard DSOne (?SuperCard DS ONE OS 3.0 SP7?) (Fix Below)
Hex Editor
Use your Hex Editor to load the ROM, find the hex values 01 E2 0C 51 00 0D, and change 0C to 37 (in HEX values), equal to 12 and 55 in DEX. 

If you do not like to use the Hex Editor Method, you may visit Romulation Forums for another method by clicking here>>>

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