How to install games on F480?

Samsung F480 can install games just like Nokia and Sony Ericsson. You just need to follow the steps below to get the Java Games onto your Samsung F480.

Install Game on F480
  • Get the correct resolution(240X320) java game
  • Click to this link: 
  • Upload the .jar file, and a DL link will be prompt to u 
  • Use your F480 to access the DL link
  • The game will now start to install into your F480  

***Please beware of 3G/GPRS charges for downloads.***

3 thoughts on “How to install games on F480?”

  1. Yes, u can put the java games file on the SD Card and run it. Some use the method above as some games do not run directly on SD Card but once download it auto install. Maybe is due to the firmware problem. Nokia and SE phones can run all java games installer from their mobile phone.

  2. Yes but it is aufully complicated,the method above doesn’t work as when you try to run the .jar or .jad file the phone will say unsupported file type you need to virtually ‘break’ into the phone to get in to the applications folder where you can paste the .jar/.jad files in and play them.

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