Tutoring your Child

Ensuring the Best Education your child is every Parent Dreams. I have been doing freelance tutoring for lower Primary School Students and will share with you a few online website where Parents can use to tutor their children.

IXL Math
There are more than 100 math skills in each grade level, close to
1,000 different question types, and an unlimited number of
computer-generated problems. IXL is replete with vibrant images,
colorful illustrations, and meaningful content. Once your children
start using IXL, they will be mesmerized. Practicing math has never
been just so much fun.
It is available from Pre Kindergarten to Fifth grade Skills.
IXL Math>>>

2 thoughts on “Tutoring your Child”

  1. Many parents are capable of tutoring elementary kids. However, it is time consuming to find or make quality practice.
    I am recently using Noetic Learning Math for my daughter. It is quite good. It is not as attractive as IXL, however, the contents is quite good. The web site offers a few programs: a worksheet creator, a kumon-like daily math homework program, summer program and a program for gifted chidlren.

  2. Yes, Parents has to juggle between work and at the same look after the study progress of kids. I will update that to my blog for my reference and all my friends.
    It is a great way to tutor our children.

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