Primary 1 Students Stress

Children attending Primary 1 School has started to feel stress due to the amount of work load that they are receiving from schools and other external sources. I mention external sources which mean their tuition or any other activities like Mental Calculation, Music or others.

My daughter has to learn 10 spelling words every week plus the daily home work she got from the teachers. I personally tutor my daughter. I am also engaged by her classmates parents to do some freelance tuition for their kids. After going through with all the students, the work load they got maybe a bit heavier for their age.

If both parents are working, it will be more stress out for the kids as they will be attending Before/After School Care. Both the School and Before/After School Care will hand out home works to them, so which will they do since they have the same deadline. My advise them is to complete the School Work before doing the Before/After School Care Home Works.

The government announces that no more examinations for Primary 1 & 2 may help to lessen the stress our children is feeling. But parents must also do their part by not giving so much stress to them, bring them out for outings during weekends. Try not to cram too much external activities during the weekend and let them have 1 or 2 days off for relaxation.

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