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Shipwrecked on a beautiful tropical island, your brave little tribespeople must build a new home! With your guidance, the tribe will uncover mysterious secrets, research new technologies, and construct massive wonders! Come back often to feed your tribe, cloth them, and look after the babies and children! Play this beautiful simulation game now!

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  1. Want to cheat this game? Here’s a cheat I discovered!!!
    Speed up time in My Tribe.
    It’s simple to speed up time in this game. But before you do I want to warn you that you have to set up your tribe before actually cheating this or they will all die.
    Make sure no matter what you are cheating for…science points, food, logs, rock…whatever…you have your tribe established first. Make sure your have trees allocated for harvesting and people set to only deal with wood collecting and food collecting.
    After establishing a self-sufficient tribe, the left over tribes members you have need to be set to do whatever it is you want to speed up….researching, harvesting trees, construction, whatever it is. So have like 3 members researching and 2 members harvesting wood and food.
    Save and Exit the game.
    The game uses the Windows clock to setup the going on’s while you are away from the game. So simply set the windows clock in advance, and the game advances immensely.
    But be wary, the clocks are not on the same schedule, I advanced my windows clock 3 days, and 3 of my 30 year old tribes members were dead when I reloaded it.
    After reloading it, simply save and exit, then reset the windows clock back to original time, and your done.

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