Electricity Rates up 5 Cents

Electricity Rates for this quarter till December 08 will see an increase of 5 cents per kWh. You will see an increase of 20% on your utility bills. The latest hike was due to higher forward fuel-oil prices for the last quarter of the year, said by the Energy Market Authority.
I do agree with Mr Khoo of EMA more household are consuming more electricity than the average household. But houshold are actually paying higher electricity rates as we do not enjoy off peak rates which commerical customers are? Power companies are seeing huge profits year after year. With the government selling power assest to private company, we will be paying higher utility bills.
Now back to facts, we can only save electricity consumption to lower our utility bills. We will give u a few saving tips which our subscribers have used to save electricity on our blog soon. SAVE AND SAVE.

2 thoughts on “Electricity Rates up 5 Cents”

  1. It is indeed a good website to save energy cost. Government will be giving aids to HDB 1 to 5 room and executive flats to help offset the increase of utilities.U-Save Rebates will be given to HDB Owners to offset the increase in utilities bills.

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