Harvest Moon:Island of Happiness

Work with your friends to create a farm on a deserted island in this
entry of the popular farming game. Choose from a male or female
character and begin the game as you arrive on a island following a
disaster at sea. Joining you is the old timer Tarou, his daughter
Felena, and her two kids, Natalie and Eric. The island offers some
hints that it may have been inhabited in the past, but it now seems to
be deserted. Working with your fellow refugees, your first order of
business is to create a farm. As you build up your farm, people who
have an interest in the farming biz move on over to the island. These
people open up shops and facilities, contributing to the island’s
development, and giving you new areas to explore and new people to
speak with. You can also make friendly with members of the opposite
sex, conversing regularly and giving presents with the ultimate goal of
getting married.

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