Phase 2C Balloting for Primary Schools

The wait for the balloting day to come was a anxious time for my family. It occur yesterday at 9am at Admiralty Primary School. We did not attend it as I was working. Today I got the result that my daughter was successful in getting a place. I and wife was happy as it is a good neighbourhood school and it is within 1km of our house.
As previously mention in my blog, all three primary school within 1km of my house need balloting. When purchasing a new house, you also need to know whether it falls within 1km radius of the primary school. In this case, applicants outside the 1km are not eligible for the ballot as they have enough applicants within the 1km radius of the school.
I can sense joy for parents successful in balloting and sadness for those who are not successful. MOE will assign a school for parents who are unsuccessful in the ballot. I will not need to worry for my second kid as he will qualify for phase 1 registration as his sister is in the school already.

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