Mapking for Symbian Phone

Many subscribers have email me that they are unable to get the application file to work after installing the sis file. It is now working on my N95 and i will show you the steps on how to get it to work.
First of all is the installation of the MapKing2007_S60.sis  file on your symbian phone. The next step is the most crucial step and must done properly in order to ensure the application is able to work. You must download the map database file, SG_S60_Jan8_2008 from Mapking website. Unzip the file and you will get a _META folder and 2 files Mapdata.G12 and Mapdata.rx.
The folder and files must be place in E:MapKingMapsSingapore_Eng and that will complete the installation. Go back to run the application and it should be working but there is a 3 day trial for using the maps unless you buy it.

Loop Hole in the trial
I did not hack the software but just found a loop hole to get around it. There is a file in E:System and name should be mapXXXXpi.dat where XXXX is some numbers. Delete this file and the 3 day trial starts again. It will auto generate a new .dat file after you start Mapking again. You have to do it every 3 days or buy the original software key.

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