Chingay 2008@North

The Chingay 2008@North passed through our house at 8PM tonight. Many residents gather at the roadside to see the colorful floats that appear during the Chingay Festival held at the City Hall Area. The floats were travelling at a speed of 20KM/H and performers were waving to us. My children was excited as the lights were very colorful especially during night time.
Chingay 2008@North Pictures>>>

Free goodies bags were given to PAP Kindergarden students and their parents who turn up to attend the event. You get a mineral water and some snacks for you to eat while watching the floats. The Chingay Floats made 3 stops at Woodlands Square, Admiralty Hard Court Opposite Blk 717(Woodlands Dr 70) and Yishun Hard Court Opposite Blk244(Yishun Ave 9).

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