Samsung K3 Firmware Updated

You can now upgrade your Samsung K3 player firmware to ver 4.06. This is the latest firmware by Samsung and the program will update the firmware for you. Three firmwares is available as it comes with the color of RED, LIME and BLUE. Only one firmware can be loaded to the Samsung K3. Please choose the YP-K3AB YP-K3 Firmware upgrade automatic program (ver.4.06). This is an executive file where it will upgrade the firmware automatically.
The new firmware contains

  1. DNSe2.0
  2. Photo Zoom Feature
  3. UI Color Variations
  4. New Fonts Added

You can go to Samsung Singapore to download the firmware>>>
Extra Info
1. Select TV, Video & Audio in Product Group
2. Select Digital Audio Player in Product Type
3. Select MP3 in Product Subtype
4. Select the model no in Nodel Name(e.g. YP-K3QB)

Please ensure you have at least two third of the battery power before upgrading the firmware. 

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