Signed up for PayPerPost

I have got exposure to this website through the advertising on my blog provider, Typepad. Finally, there is a website that pays us for writing articles on our blog. Usually, you only get paid for writing articles for newspaper agencies.

We can choose the type of topics that we want to write on the blog. There are many topics that you can choose to write and post on your blog. The only thing to note is the amount of reward you are getting for the opportunity you took up.
Before you can start earning, you must first get your blog approved and place some code on your blog. You need to have some basis html knowledge in order to get the code working. But do not worry as the staff at payperpost will be glad to advise you. Or if you own a Typepad blog, it will be much easier.

I have made some friends when I ask other payperpost users whether they did made money out of this. You will indeed made money but depend on the score they give you. I will start to explore this as I have just started using the site.
I will evaluate over the few months on whether I can really earn money by blogging using payperpost. Google ads on my blog has generate some extra income for me already.

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