SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars

It was a celebration for his ORD that had turn into a mishap. The SCDF regulars had went over the limit and we will know the truth when the investigation had concluded.

Everyone whom had gone through service in Singapore either in Army, Police or SCDF Will knows well on how regulars behave.

Although SCDF had make great efforts to convey the information through different communications protocol that certain activities are not allowed but there are still people whom will not adhere to it.

Source: SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars

Army Daze

1st Guard NSF Dave

It is sad to hear that another incident had happen resulting in the death of Dave. We nned to wait for investigation to be concluded to determine whether safety and training protocol were not adhered to.

The NSF is only 19 years old and parents would loss confidence in the Army System in the short run. There were news on the internet and forums even before his final moment at the hospital. It turn out it was not fake news but whistle blowing by his platoon mates.

You may leave your views on the incident above in the comment page. We send our deepest condolences to his beraving family. RIP.


Kimberley Germaine Lim Cancer Battle Blog

Read on how this brave girl, Kimberley Germaine Lim battle her Colorectal Cancer. She has documented down her pains and endurance. This bought back my memories on my father battle against Lung Cancer many years back.

It is a financial strain and we will not be able to afford the expensive dosage meant for the well off people only. The government does not subsidized it and MediShield Life will not help due to the cap limit.

Read her blog to find out the real reality of contracting cancer in Singapore.

Hello My Name’s Kimberley and I’ve Cancer


How STRONG is your Password?

You need to have a STRONG Password for your account especially if it does not support 2 factor authentication. There are many websites out there featuring how to create a strong password. The rule of thumb are as follow:

  • Minimum password length of 8 characters
  • Use lower and upper case letters
  • Have numbers within it
  • Use special characters such as #%+*^…
  • Change it every 3 to 6 months

Lastly you can check how strong your password is.



农历新年杂菜饭摊收2元附加费 公众质疑收费率是否合理 – 8频道新闻及时事节目

This news extract is in Chinese and everyone is discussing the legality of price increase during Chinese New Year. $0.20 to $0.50 of increase is acceptable to the public.

But the vegetable rice stall is charging $2 surcharge for every plate or packet. You cannot determine whether it is used solely to pay the manpower over time or the bosses extra bonus. It had been a trend that this is the only public holiday where all the business will try to put in the surcharge. I will let you decide whether it is fair and you can comment on it.

为了在农历新年期间继续营业,许多餐饮业者向顾客征收附加费,但有顾客申诉,后港港脚坊(Kang Kar Mall)食阁的一家杂菜饭摊位每包饭征收2元的附加费,引起公众质疑该收费率是否合理。

Source: 农历新年杂菜饭摊收2元附加费 公众质疑收费率是否合理 – 8频道新闻及时事节目


PIE work site collapse: Questions loom over collapse of viaduct segment, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The collapse of this project allowed us to reflect that we must do evaluation base on 20% cost and 80% on quality and safety. We also need evaluation committee members with engineering background and safety.

Singapore News -The collapse of a 40m segment of a viaduct being constructed in Upper Changi Road East killed one worker and injured 10 others on Friday. While the authorities are investigating the accident, questions have been raised about the tender process and the design of the project.. Read more at

Source: PIE work site collapse: Questions loom over collapse of viaduct segment, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Water Efficiency

Waterless Home of the Future

Imagine that you can wash clothes without using any water. This will save you hundred of dollars on water bills. The reality is there must be a paradigm shift in order for the technology to display its effect on people. Afterall, we had been using water to clean our clothes eversince mankind evolve.

Are you ready to turn off your water tap?