PC Suite and USB Connection for Viewty

LG KU990/KU990R users who wishes to synchronise their Viewty with the computer must install 2 essential software. You need the USB modem driver in order for the USB cable to function. This will also allowed you to view your external memory card in your Windows Explorer on your PC or Laptop.

Download LG USB Modem Driver>>>

The other software is the PC Suite for synchronising your Viewty with your Outlook. You can also backup or restore your phone using this software. Pls take note that your Viewty package has a small CD which includes all the software for use with your PC or Laptop.

LG KU990 PC Suite is not easily to be found on the internet. I have links for you to download the PC Suite just in case you lose it or your CD is corrupted.

Download only PC Suite PC


If u lost the CD, I am including a update tool here which will enable you to download the cuurent USB driver and PC suite.
LG Software Update Tool>>>

If you are using LG PC Suite, please ensure the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode is set to Data Service. Likewise, if you just want to access the SD Card of your Viewty in your Windows Explorer please set the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode to Mass Storage.