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Backup SMS for Sony Ericsson Phones

You will be able to backup your SMS on your Phone using the Sony Ericsson PC Suite. But you will not be able to move the messages back to your phone from the computer. So you just keep the backup of the SMS on your computer only.

Please take note that you must use Phone Mode for Connections. This allowed the PC Suite to access all Phone Contents.


Click on Text Messages on the left side bar. You will be able to access all your sms on your phone.

Backup SMS to PC Suite

  • Click on the message you want to backup
  • Right Click and choose Copy To
  • Choose the Phone Profile 
  • SMS is now backup to this Profile

My Phone Profile is My W705 and I will see all the SMS I backup to this profile. I will be able to backup SMS here and then delete it on my Phone.

SE W705, Sony Ericsson

Backup Sony Ericsson Phone for Firmware Update

Data such as contacts, messages, photos, files and settings stored in the phone memory will be overwritten during an update since the software in your phone will be completely replaced. To avoid losing your personal user data, you should always create a backup of your contacts, messages, photos and files before you update the software.

Content stored on your memory card and SIM card will not be affected.

How do I back up my Sony Ericsson Phone?

Depending on the phone model there are different solutions of backing up user data. The lists below provides an overview of the options:

  • Memory card
  • Back up possibilities for contacts, bookmarks, pictures*, video clips*, images*, music*, ringtones*, text messages, applications* and games*.

  • PC software (e.g. PC Suite, Exchange ActiveSync┬«)
  • Back up possibilities for contacts, bookmarks, pictures*, video clips*, images*, music*, ringtones*, applications* and games*.

  • SIM Card
  • Back up possibilities for contacts and text messages.

*DRM-protected material cannot be backed up. Additional rights may have to be retrieved from the content provider.

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SE W705, Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson W705 Review

Sony Ericsson has introduced it's latest Walkman phone series, the Sony ericsson W705. It's a slider model and 3.5G Walkman Phone. The Sony Ericsson W705 comes with a 2.4" QVGA display capable of showing up to 256K colors. In addition, it has a 3.2megapixel camera, and an FM radio with a RDS. 

It is Wi Fi enable and you can surf the internet for free at free local hotpspots in your country. GPRS is available in this model but you can still use Google Map on this phone. It will be handy if you are lost or need some help to find your ways. It features Shake control and SenseMe which is much needed for a Walkman series and has 120 MB of internal memory. It also gives u a free 4GB memory card included in the phone package which adds to the base memory of the phone.

The Singtel W705 comes with free unlimited downloads of songs from PlayNow Plus and this is exclusively for Singapore Singtel Customers only. In line with this, Singtel is providing a free data plan, BBOM worth of 200MB free for 1 year. The W705 is retailing from SG$98 onwards depending on the price plan you are taking up.

It cost SG$480 for the W705 with no contract but it does not comes with the free unlimited downloads on PlayNow Plus.


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Sony Ericsson Idou Coming Soon

Sony Ericsson will be launching this highly anticipated phone in the later half of 2009. It will running on the popular Symbian Operating System. Nokia is currently the leader in this operation system with their N Series and N5800 Music Phone.

Idou has no model number yet as Sony Ericsson is still quite secretive about its model. It is rumour to have a 12.1 Megapixel Camera with Xenon Flash. More will be see on whether it will create a stir like what Samsung do with the Omnia when it was launch in Singapore in 2008.

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Backup Mobile Phone Contacts

W910You are now able to backup your contacts to the memory Card on your phone. No more losing the contacts on your phone if your mobile phone is spoilt or accidentally deleting the contacts.
You can backup contacts by following the below steps

1. Press Menu and Select Contacts
2. Go to new contact and select Options on the left soft key
3. Select Advanced
4. Select Backup to m.card
5. Backup created on your memory card

You can restored your backup details by choosing the Restore from m.card. You can choose whether you want to delete the old contacts from the phone before restoring your contacts. This function is available on most Sony Ericsson models released in 2008.

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Drag and Drop Music Files

Moving music into the W910, Sony Walkman series is easy and simple. You do not necessary need the music software that comes with your W910. You can drag and drop the music files using Window Explorer.
Drag and drop the music files into X:/Music/
X represent your W910 memory or the M2 Card. Put all the music files in the Music Folder. It is best to create a folder in the Music Folder for good management of your music files.
Select Media from the standby screen, you will notice that the software is now automatically updating your music files for it to be play on the W910 Walkman phone. You can create playlist to manage your music files on your phone. Enjoy your music on the go.

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Hearty Red W910i

W910 I have bought this new W910i for S$268 from Starhub. As a Hub Club member, I enjoy free yearly handset upgrade. This W910 is available in Hearty Red, Noble Black, Havana Bronze.
The screen size is quite large at 2.4 inches with screen resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. It is excellent for viewing your photos, videos, reading ebooks and playing games. The internal memory of the phone is 40MB and it comes with a free 1GB M2 memory card. This is a 3G(HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps) phone and has Bluetooth and USB 2.0 for data transfer.
Read the full specifications>>>