Installing NeatROM V4.8

I am using the XWLSW NeatROM Lite v4.8 dated June 9, 2013 and the firmware version is 4.1.2
Please download the NeatROM Lite v4.8 from XDA Forum here.
Your android phone must be rooted prior to installing the NeatROM.
Pls use the full wipe if u are coming from another ROM or installing your first ROM after rooting your phone.

This is done using the PhilZ Touch 5
Installation without wipe:

-Download, and save zip file to internal sdcard
-Go to recovery
-Select Wipe cache
-Go to Advanced and Select Wipe dalvik cache
-Select Install Rom SD card

Installation with Full wipe:

-Download, and save zip to internal sdcard
-Go to recovery, Select Wipe data, Wipe cache
-Go to Advanced and Select Wipe dalvik cache
-Go to Mounts and storage, select Format system, Yes – Format
-Select Install Zip
-Choose zip from sdcard
-Select the NeatRom V4.8 that you have downloaded
-Click Yes to Install

It takes about less than 3 mins to install the system on a Samsung Galaxy S2, so don’t panic.
You will see a bar running to view the installation progress.
Reboot device after the installation is complete

Syn your iTunes Music to Android Phone

You may have switch to the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Galaxy Note. But u are now worry of losing your iTunes Music library and have to start from scratch to build your music library again. A simple solution is here which allowed you to sync your iTunes Music with your ANDROID Phone.

How to syn music with Android Phone?

  • Download the Easy Phone Tunes software by clicking here
  • Go to Menu on your phone
  • Click Settings – Wireless and network
  • Click USB Utilities
  • Click Connect Storage to PC
  • Plug in the USB Cable
  • Open the Easy Phone Tunes Software
  • Select the USB Mass Storage
  • Syn the Music Library with your phone

It is that easy and all the iTunes Music are transferred to your Samsung S2 or Samsung Galaxy Note. The Easy Phone Tunes works on both Windows and MAC.

Galaxy Note Crop Picture for S Memo

Many Samsung Galaxy Note users must be electrified by the videos on how we can corp a picture and then paste it on the S Memo. The instruction guide do not show u how to do it. U can learn it by attaining workshops or learning from the online videos. You can corp a picture from the web page or photo u have taken and then paste it on the S Memo.

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

Many android users will have meet this message on your android phone one way or another. This usually happens when u press the *,# or + and the phone button to made the call.

After u press the *,# follow by some numbers, it shows USSD Code is running and later the Connection problem or invalid MMI Code will appear. You have enter a code the system does not understand. But if u have press *#06#, it will display the IMEI Code. There are many special codes that start with * or # and follow by numbers and pressing the SEND or Phone icons.

If you start up the phone and this error prompts, it means the sim card or your phone system is automatically sending a special code to the cell phone company but not recongnized by the cell phone company system.

What is a MMI Code?
An MMI Code is a sequence of digits that is entered into your phone to make it perform some special action. These codes start and end with a * or # so they don't get confused with phone numbers you might want to dial. They're usually only valid when you're not on a call, so if you key one in while connected to your cellphone company's IVR system they won't be recognized. Some MMI Codes are dealt with by your phone – for example, there's usually one you can key in to find out what software version your phone has installed. Most MMI Codes are sent to your Cellphone company as they are used to turn features on and off (Like call forwarding, call waiting, etc).

Why does my phone say "MMI Code Failed"?
This will usually happen because your Cellphone company has decided that you aren't allowed to forward your calls. It could be because you are on a "plan" that doesn't have the forwarding feature (pre-pay/flex-pay plans usually restrict this feature). Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to 'bypass' this error – if you believe your plan should allow you to use this feature you will need to call your cellphone company and ask them to (a) let you control it from your phone, or (b) set the forwarding for you.
Note: If you go for option (b) make very sure that they only turn on "Conditional" forwarding (this only forwards Busy/No-Answer/Unavailable calls). Sometimes they'll accidentally turn on "Unconditional" forwarding (this forwards ALL calls!).

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Google Currents on Android

Google Currents is the latest apps on the Market Place. It enables you to read magazines like Forbes, Techcrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, Good, 500px, Fast Company and many others. There are many magazines that you add from the library and Google search technology is updating it hourly to bring you the latest news.

I can even turn my blog feeds into a magazine on Google Currents. Next time I will tell u more on how I did it for my blog.

Now for the bad news. It is currently available in the US at the time that I publish this post. But I firmly believe it will be available for the international market soon.

But I manage to install on my Samsung Galaxy S2 thanks to the people from the XDA Developers.

Download the APK for Android

It works on smartphone and tablets running on Android and IOS system.

You may read up more information on the Google Currents APK on the XDA Forums by clicking here>>>

Google Currents

Samsung Galaxy S2 Secret Codes

These secret codes are for Samsung Galaxy S2. I have gather them through research on the internet. They are know to work with the official dialer, But it may or may not work with third party dialers. It may work on customized ROMs if the original dialer is used. Be careful when playing with the codes.

*#0*#  - Takes you to  LCD TEST MODE

*#9900#   – Takes you to System Dump, where Disabling Fast Dormancy gives a boost to your network speed on some  networks (both wifi and Gprs), same code to re-enable it.

*#1234# –  Check your Firmware version.

*#06# – Imei Code

*#2263# – Network modes select

Credits to goangeek Blog


Samsung S2 Kies Software

Samsung Kies is the software for your Samsung Galaxy S2. Kies will keep u updated when new firmware are released. This is something HTC are lacking for their high end Android Phone like the HTC Sensation.

Use the Kies(Windows Version) to fully utilized the functions for synchronizing to your S2. The MAC Version currently do not work with your S2.

Visit the Samsung Mobile to get the Kies>>>

Screen Shot of Samsung Galaxy S2

Taking a screen shot on an Android Phone seems impossible. How you wish it will be as easy as Apple iPhone where users just need to press the Home and Power button together.'

Samsung has done it again and you can take screen shot similar to Apple iPhone Users. You can now take a picture of the Home Screen by pressing and holding the Power and Home Key at the same time. A capture sound is made and the picture is save to the ScreenCapture Folder. You will be able to view it at the Gallery.

Doesn't it sounds and work the same as Apple iPhone?

It works on Samsung Galaxy S and S2. But it does not work on HTC Android Phones.
A unique feature for Android Samsung Glaxay Phones. 

Pls leave us a comment if it works on your Android Phones. Pls state the brand and model and how u manage to screen shot your non root(original software) phone.