DSTT Ver 1.16 Kernel Download

This is the latest Kernel for your DSTT and is updated on 17 July 2008. Download DSTT V1.16 English Kernel (30-October-2008) * fixed some errors of 2838 rom After english.zip is downloaded, please unzip it into a temporary directory and copy TTMenu folder and TTMenu.dat to the root of your microSD/TF card through the USB card reader.You may place all

DSTT Online Store

All customers you can now purchase the DSTT online from the comfort of your home. Free shipping is available to certain countries. You still need to purchase a Micro SD card separately to download the games and firmware. You may contact us for any question you have by clicking here. Purchase the DSTT online now>>>

DSTT Prices

DSTT card  for NDS and NDS lite to play download games. Current price is S$50. Please email us at jangwl@gmail.com for your orders. Bulk orders will enjoy discounts. Leave a message on our chat board and we will get back to you. Technical support for setting up the card will be provided for all novice gamers.