Cafe World

Cafe World Catering Business

Cafe World Catering Business is now open. Your first objective is to Sell to Wholesale Dale.

Selling to Wholesale Dale

1. Click on the Counter which u want to sell you food.


2. Select the amount of food portions to sell to Dale.


3. Dale made payments to you and you can share your food portions with your neighbours.


Please contact Zynga Support if your catering business is still not open for more than 2 weeks. Zynga needs time to solve most of the Cafe World Problems as there are too many bugs in this game on Facebook.

Cafe World

Lighting Super Stove

Building the Super Stove has just ended and now Lighting Super Stove is here. So it is time to go back to the kitchen in the Cafe World. The Lighting Super Stove does everything the Super Stove is capable of. But the Lighting Stove mades your cook time 10% faster.

We can send a gift to a friend each day or request a part from a friend once a day also. You can also click on the ASK FOR HELP to publish to your Facebook Friends Feeds.

How to build Lighting Super Stove?

  1. Select the picture of the item that you want to request from your friend
  2. A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from.
  3. Select your friends and send

Lighting Super Stove

Cafe World

Complete your Spice Rack

Have you finished your Spice Rack yet? Complete your Spice Rack today, so you don't miss out on the fun! To make it easier, ALL PARTS are now available for everyone to gift! Send some now, and Happy Spicing! You may need many neighbors in order to complete the Spice Rack faster.

Spice rack

Send the Spice Rack Gift before it is gone>>>


Cafe World

Building a Super Stove on CafeWorld

The Super Stove is a new stove that cuts out the preparation stages. You just choose your dish and then it begins cooking! No slicing, dicing or chopping. Your food will still need to cook for the required amount of time. Now you can build your own Super Stove! Visit this note for more information.

If your icon is gone, you have finished the stove. It will be with your other stoves under the Functional Menu (the "Gears") icon.

1. Click the Build a Super Stove icon next to the Spice icon.


2. From this panel you can see all the parts you need. You have the option to:
– Request help for different parts
– Buy individual parts
– Buy the whole stove


3. If you request parts, you will be brought to a page to ask friends for help. When you request parts from your friends, the parts will go directly into your stove.


4. When you complete the stove, you will see a pop-up saying you finished your stove.


5. Your Super Stove will now be available for use in the Edit Menu, under the “Gears” icon. You will see a (x1) next to the Super Stove, which means it is available for use.

The Super Stove is NOT in your Gift Box.


6. If you look in your stoves menu and see a gray box covering the stoves with a (x1) next to your Super Stove, this means you have all available stoves in use for your level. To use the Super Stove, open the edit menu by clicking the "Gears" icon. Just drag one of your stoves into your inventory (edit menu) and then you will be able to drag out your new Super Stove. (Remember: do not try to move a stove into your inventory with food cooking on top!)

You do NOT have to sell any stoves to use the Super Stove. You may store it in the Gears/Functional Menu for when you reach another level awarding stoves.

***Info extracted from Cafeworld@Facebook Note.***

Cafe World

Wedding Rack@CafeWorld Completed

After much of hard work and help from all my Cafe Friends, I have managed to complete the Wedding Rack. I was awarded with 500 Cafe Points and 5 Cafe Cash. Thanks all to my CafeWorld Friends.


Some of CafeWorld Friends may not have even seen the popup in order to help the wedding. This maybe due to the CafeWorld bug. There is now less than five days away to complete the wedding.

Cafe World

Save the Wedding at Cafe World

The latest mini game for Cafe World is to bake a Wedding cake for a "Friend" in 14 days time where her cake shop cancelled on her wedding cake booking which resulted that she will not have her wedding cake on her wedding.


You will have to ask your Cafe Friends to send u all the ingredients required to bake the cake. It is just like the spice rack, except with 14 days time limitation imposed. You will see a wedding rack inside your cafe world which is a white round table with pink border.

Cafe World_Wedding Rack

Click on the Wedding Rack and you will see the progress that you have made to Save the Wedding. Click on Ask for help" and send to your Cafe Friends, but if you already sent your gifts out for that day, then you will not be able to ask for help. You need lots of Cafe Friends as they are allowed to sent you one ingredient per day only. You can also buy all the ingredients for 25 Cafe Cash.

Save the Wedding

Cafe World

Cafe World Buzz Rating

Running a successful Café can be a tough business, and requires a
delicate balance between cooking great food, and having great service.
Part of the challenge in Café World is finding the right balance to turn
your Café into a 5 star establishment. What worked in your Cozy Café
may not always work as you expand your operation into a Bountiful Café,
and you may need to change your recipe for success!

Some things to keep in mind as you expand your Café are:

  1. Make sure there is a full Pathway from door(s) to *each* chair, and
    from your Counters to *each* table. Try to leave plenty of space for
    both Customers and Waiters to move around without having to go around
    objects in their path.
  2. Nothing should be blocking or too close to the first step of the
  3. Tables must have an empty spot around one of the 8 sides (4 sides, 4
    corners) to be served and a chair facing it.
  4. Serving counters should have an empty spot (facing it) from one of
    the 4 sides to allow your Waiters to pick up a dish. Avoid putting
    counters in corners where your Waiters will not be able to pick up a
  5. Try to avoid creating small places between your counters where your
    waiters can be stuck.
  6. For larger Café’s try placing your Counters in a more central
    location of your Café so that Waiters will have to travel less distance
    to reach your Customers.
  7. Don’t expand too fast! If you do not have enough waiters to serve
    all your customers some may leave unhappy.
  8. If you are low on food, some people choose to drag their door into
    their inventory to “close” your Café until you have more food.
  9. Your Buzz Rating will not change while you are away from your Café.
    If your Buzz rating is starting to climb please leave your Café running
    so your Buzz Rating can reach its full potential. It may several hours
    for your Buzz to rise to its highest point.

If you find that your Buzz Rating is not as high as it used to be, or
that your Customers are not being served fast enough you may want to
take a look at some of your neighbors Café’s to see what works for them,
and get some ideas for the perfect setup. Experiment with different
layouts of your own to find that perfect balance that will have everyone
in the neighborhood raving about your Cafe!
I have always achieve a Buzz Rate of 105 for my Cafe World by following the simple rules and you can also do it.

If you find that after trying these steps you are still having trouble
with your Buzz Rating please send us a screenshot of your Café, and we
will be happy to take a look at it and pass on a few suggestions for
increasing your Buzz, or you can stop by our community forums and “ask
your neighbor.”

For more information on how to take a screenshot please visit the
following link:

Answer Title: How do I take a screenshot?
Answer Link:

To file a support ticket, read this article:
For faster service, we ask you include your screenshot and a link to
your Facebook profile when you submit a ticket.

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Cafe World Guide

There are a lot of different social games on sites like Facebook and MySpace. I’ve seen a dozen of them in the last few months blow up and frankly I didn’t get it at first. I saw people playing very simple and free games and while they looked interesting enough, they really weren’t all that engaging considering what they were.

But, then I started playing Café World like the rest of the Facebook users. Don’t ask me why it was Café World. It could have been any of them probably. They’re all the same generally, and in that they are extremely addictive. But, it was Café World and now two months later I’m a bit of an addict – I love this game.

So, when I heard there was a guide coming out for it that would help to speed things along, I was first in line to read it. I wanted to know exactly what it was that this Café World guide could offer that I couldn’t figure out on my own. Having play the Cafe World for 2 months, I was roughly 30 levels into the game. I would play about 5 days a week. I always time when my food will be cook and serve on time and get the cash.

The Café World guide, however, showed me exactly how to outline and master the process of what to cook, when to cook it and how to set up the café before I logged off each night. Turns out you can actually make quite a tidy profit while not even logged in – for days on end if you want.

I couldn’t possibly touch on all the cool things that this guide does right, but here’s the bottom line – Café World is a tough game without some guidance. There are dozens of dishes, possible combinations and ways for you to mess up with. This Café World guide, I was able to create the perfect combination of tactics. I’m now at level 45 and have way more cash than I’ll ever need – and I’m having more fun than ever. That’s what a good guide should do. 


Check out the Cafe World Guide>>>