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OPC Drive on Weekends

OPC Scheme has been improvished and drivers will be able to drive on Weekends. That means you can use your car on both Saturday and Sundays. In addition, you can use your car on the Eve of the five holidays. But you have opt in the scheme or u will still be in the Existing OPC Scheme.

OPC users need to pay S$100 for a one time administration charge to opt in the scheme. They will be able to pay this fee from 21 Jan 2010 at AXS Stations or online at One Motoring Website.

But there is also a disadvantage to the scheme as tax disounts will be reduce from S$800 to S$500. If you are on the old scheme, you will still pay S$50 road tax for a 1.6L car. The road tax will cost approxmately $245 for the new OPC Scheme.

But it is still worth it to cross to the new OPC scheme as you can drive freely for the whole Saturday. No more waiting till 3PM or pay S$20 if you want to use before 3PM.

OPC New Scheme Driving Times
Weekdays from 7:00pm to 7.00am
Full day usage on Saturday, Sunday and Eve of 5 Public Holidays*

*New Year, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas.

Off Peak Cars Usage Time

Off Peak Cars population in Singapore is increasing. Many have been attracted by the one-off S$17,000 rebate on their car purchase prices. Road Tax is only S$50 per year compared with normal car whose road tax are more than S$800.

Off Peak Car has restriction on its usage time. You can drive the Off Peak Car freely on Sundays, Public Holidays and during the following non – restricted hours:

Weekdays from  7:00pm to 7.00am
Saturday and Eve of 5 Public Holidays* starting from 3.00pm on wards

*New Year, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas.

You can drive from 3PM on other eve of Holidays also but you need to call up LTA at 1800-CALL LTA(1800-2255582) to confirm. In addition, you can also check whether you can drive on Monday if the Holiday falls on a Sunday.
For example, this year National Day 2009 is on Sunday. The following day which is a Monday is also free for usage without the need for a supplementary licence. 

Supplementary Licence
This licence which cost S$20 allowed you to use your car during restricted hours. So you can actually still use your car within the restricted hours just like normal car. This supplementary licence can be bought at all SingPost Post Office.