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USB Loader GX

The USB Loader GX is a powerful Wii Application to play all your Wii Games from your external hard disk. You can now put all your Wii Games on a hard disk and do not need to use the DVD Drive for loading the games from your DVD.

Download the USB Loader GX@Google Codes>>>

Installing USB Loader GX

  • Copy the wad files u download to the SD:wad
  • Open the HomeBrew Channel
  • Run the WAD Manager in HomeBrew
  • Scroll on the WAD File u want to install and press '+'
  • Press the Home Button to reset Wii after installation

External Hard Disk for USB Loader GX
You need a WBFS Manager to format your hard disk in order to be able to load the Wii Games onto the external hard disk.
Download the WBFS Manager>>>