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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super_Mario_Galaxy_2_Box_ArtSuper Mario Galaxy 2 is definitely one of the must-own games of 2010 that really is worth the money that is spent on. The game takes on new challenges as Mario is again sent into space trying to rescue Peach from the clutches of Bowser, accept this time the challenges are more extreme as Mario faces new worlds from a intergalatic Giant World, to tougher foes than before like Peewee Pirhana and king-sized Bullet Bills, all the way to a even more challenging Giant-sized Bowser that is even larger and fiercer than before. But Mario isn't alone in this game to face them. He has Yoshi as well in this game, and the use of Yoshi here is well worth the effort as you control him and Mario in levels that are beautiful and bolder than before.

Mario's star celebration is once again thwarted by his nemesis, Bowser, who captures Princess Peach right before she and Mario are about to indulge in some homemade cake. Who knew the Princess was such a wizard in the kitchen? Bowser, being the jealous type he is, snatches the Princess and takes her to the other side of the galaxy. Let the fun begin!

It is easier to play the game as Super Mario Galaxy 2 has its own website to teach you how to control your Mario in the game. It will teach you the basic moves and how to use your Wii Controller to control Mario movement in the game.

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You can get the Super Mario Galaxy 2 form US$45 to US$55 depending on the retailers or the online stores that you use to purchase the games. Amazon got the cheapest deal at US$46.99 excluding shipping charges. It is a good deal if are a US Customers.

Singapore and Asia Customers

You may get this game for S$70 excluding shipping charges.

Get it at Play-Asia for US$54.90 and includes free delivery to some countries.
Free shipping to Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam and others

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Please check the whether the game is NTSC or PAL if you are buying online as some online stores do not specify it.