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F480 PIM Sync Error

F480 Tocco Users may have met with the PIM Sync, Network Error on the F480. It will not allowed you to sync your F480 with the Outlook. Many of you must have tried all kind of settings but does not work. There is a solution to this but you need to delete all the items in your F480 to allow it to sync again. It seems to be stupid but that is the only way. Samsung Firmware Designer will need to look into this loop hole. Nokia will never have such a problem.

Guide to overcome PIM Sync Error
  • Go to Menu – Settings – Memory Settings – Memory Status
  • Delete all appointments in Calendar
  • Delete all Tasks 
  • Delete all Memo 

Samsung Firmware Designer need to help F480 Tocco users to overcome this by releasing a new Firmware for F480 or to update the PC Samsung PC Studio. This problem has been pending since late 2008 till now.