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Nintendo Wii FAQ

This is a simplified Nintendo Wii FAQ I have created for all subscribers based on the email that I have received from all of you. It covers issues on soft and hard modding which allow you to backup your games and others.

Soft Modding
You can use Soft Chip Loader which allowed you to play backup and download games. This is mostly modified to a Wii US set. It allowed you to play all games for NTSC-U.
Funzcentre at AMK Hub do soft modding for all their export Wii sets.

Hard Modding
D2sun is hard modding which support all games now,
but maybe after 6months or 1yr a lot of new games cannot play then u have to re-mod and change new mod chip.

Wiikey2 is another hard modding which is same as d2sun.
But it can configure to block updates
and support future new released games by updating the mod chip firmware through DVD.
For more details, you may check out with the game shops.

Wii Models
There are many Wii models available in the market. Many game shops import Korean Export Set as it cost S$298 while a local Singapore Wii Set will cost you more than $400.
These are the 6 models available in the current market.
US Version (NTSC/U) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 110V AC Adaptor

SG Version (NTSC/U) – US set, packaged with Wii Sports and a step down transformer (220V) to be used locally

Jap Version (NTSC/J) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 110V AC Adaptor

Pal Version (PAL) –US set, packaged with Wii Sports, this set is found in Europe and in Australia

Korean Version (Pal) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 220V AC Adaptor

Game Shop Own English Wii (NTSC/U) –US version, comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 220V AC Adaptor.

Wii System Update
Please do not perform System Update if your Wii is a Soft or Hard Mod Set. Check with your Game Shop for advise on whether you can perform the update.

Wii Firmware or IOS
Firmware is a piece of software used to control the Wii Operating System. It is similar to your computer which need a OS like Windows or Linux to RUN. Certain new games may require the latest firmware to run and may prompt you for a update.

IOS is the core behind the firmware.
In actual fact, when you are updating the firmware, it is downloading the newer IOS to the Wii.
The newer IOS does not overwrite the old one, but the Wii store and run all of them together.
It means there are many IOS in your Wii at the same time.
The current one is IOS37, which is the cause of Freeloader and Trucha sign block.