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LG Mobile Support Tool

You have to install LGMobile Updater Application before you can download the manual, software or the lastest firmware for your phone. You will not be able to get the latest PC Suite from LG Mobile website unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung.

STEP 1 Country & Language
When you install the Updater application, the Country & Language settings are automatically updated according to the user's PC information.
LG Mobile Tool
To change your country, just press Options& Help and select Country & language. Set to your desired country and language.

STEP 2 Manual & Software search
This program searches the manual and software for your phone.

Select “Application, Manual & USB Driver Download…”.

LGMobileStep1Enter a value for “IMEI/ESN/MEID” or “S/N”, and then click the view button on the right.

The result of search will be displayed.

STEP 3 Manual & Software Download
Download and use the manual & software in the list.


Double-click “Manual” or “software”, which is displayed in File List, and download it to your designated location.
※ N.B.: Make a note of the download location.

You can get the LG Mobile Support Tool here and then use it to get the latest PC Suite and USB Driver.
LG Software Update Tool>>>