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Galaxy S2 Merge Contacts

Every Galaxy S2 Users has been thinking how to merge contacts on their Samsung Galaxy S2. It is not as simple as HTC Sense. HTC Sense will have a program call Contact Suggestion where it will suggest to merge your contacts with Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

In Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 case, merging contact function is available but not as automatic as HTC Sense. If your contact name is identical to Facebook and Twitter, it will be join automatically. If not then u have to manually merge the contacts. Whatsapp is join automatically to the contacts in most cases.

FaceBook, Twitter and Whatsapp Apps
You need to install the official Facebook and Twitter apps in order to be able to join them to your contacts. Other third party apps will not work.

How to merge contacts?
Ensure you have install the necessary apps as mention earlier. Goto Contacts and select the contact that you want to join with Facebook or Twitter. Press the Join contact and select the Facebook or Twitter contact that you wan to join to your contact. 

It is this simple and most case it will be join if the contact name match the Facebook an Twitter name. But you will find that your friend will use different ways to address their name on Facebook and Twitter sometimes. Therefore they will not be join together in the same contact.

Now from one contact page, you can link your contacts, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. You do not see repeat contacts. This is a function which iPhone is lacking in their contact page.