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iPhone Alarm not working on New Year 2011

We own one of the most technological advance phone,iPhone3GS or iPhone 4. But our alarm fail to work on Day 1 of 2011. It also affect all other third party alarm applications. This glitch will stay with you for 48 hours through the 2011 New Year. It looks like users of iPhone all over the world will have to wait till after the New Year Holidays before Apple can release a patch to address the problems.

So most of you will have to fall back to use an alarm clock to wait you up for work or studies than depend on your iPhone to do the job.

It has been dubbed Appleā€™s biggest glitch of 2011: iPhone alarm Clockgate

How to fix the iPhone Alarm Problem?
The glitch itself will be fixed on 3rd of January 2011 and will alarm will start to work again.