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Viewty Original Theme Files

The Original LG Viewty have got three theme files. The themes are call Black, Silver and Fish. Many Viewty users has install the Theme Manager on their Viewty and been playing with the theme files. Some of you may lost the theme file especially the silver theme as you need to replace it in order to use the Theme Manager. You may use these original themes if you have lost it or decided not to use the Theme Manager.

Install the Original Themes Files back to 'LGAPP/Media/Swf/Theme". The themes files are theme_bg1.swf, theme_bg2.swf,theme_bg3.swf.

Tthere are two files call nyx_open_menu.swf and shortcut.swf you may want to insert it back to lgapp/Media/Swf. You do not need to perform these step if you have not meddle with the files previously.