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HTC Desire S Review 1

HTC Desire S is small and powerful,measuring at 115 X 59.8 X 11.6 mm and weighs only 130g. It has a 3.7 inch Super LCD Display running at 480 X 800 pixels resolution. There is no optical trackpad but there is four touch sensitive buttons and not physical buttons. The buttons are Home, Menu, Back and Search Keys. There is an LED indicator light near to  a front facing VGA resolution camera for video calls.

Back Cover 


The first step to use the phone is to open the back cover to insert the sim card and the Micro SD Card. But the cover was quite tight and I spend some time opening it so that I do not damage the housing.


After opening the back cover, there is still a cover protecting the sim card and micro SD card. You need to flip it open and this is more easy than opening the back cover. Insert the SIM Card and micro SD Card and then close back the cover and then your back cover.

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