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HDB Resale Flats Transaction Prices

Are u buying a HDB Resale Flat? HDB Flat will be your biggest investment and assest in your entire life. Buying a flat near the MRT will help you to save on transport cost and travel time. If you have the extra spending power, do keep this in mind. Flats near MRT are easy to sell and have higher market value.

HDB Resale Flat is just like a bidding process on Ebay where the highest bidder will get the flat. You need to work out yourself or with a real estate agent on how to secure a flat within your spending limit. You must take note that PRs are willing to pay higher prices to secure a flat as monthly rental are eating into their cash layout monthly. Do your sums right and not to compete with them if it will blow your budget.It is best that you just need to use CPF to cover the loans without the need of doing cash top up.

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