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Hex Editor

Hex Editor is a computer program that allow us to modify the binary data of a computer file. Many use it to modify game application, computer files or any execution files for their usage. 

– Available in a portable and installable edition
– Instant opening regardless of file-size
  (>4GB is no problem, if it fits on a disk/drive you can open it)
– Files opened in HxD are shared liberally but safely with other applications
– Fast searching: forward, backwards or from beginning
– Replace function (fast even for millions of edits)
– Disk-Editor: RAW reading and writing of disks and drives (WinNT and Win9x)
– RAM-Editor: can read and write virtual memory of other processes
– Data-folding for better overview in RAM-Editor
– Splitting and joining files
– Safe deletion of files (shredder)
– File compare (simple version for now)
– Inserting bytes or filling a selection with a pattern
– Grouping of bytes
– Only text or only hex mode
– Exporting of data to source code (Pascal, C, Java)
– Checksum-Generator
– Statistical view
– Support for ANSI, DOS/IBM-ASCII and EBCDIC charsets
– Unlimited undo
– Modified data is highlighted
– Internet update checker
– Ghost caret: displayed around the corresponding character/hex value on the
  inactive column, the caret is placed on the active column
– Printing
– Bookmarks:
– Flicker free display and fast drawing