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Android Free and Paid Applications

Android Market has now more than 50,000 of applications and games to offer to its Android users. It is now currently the second best after Apple Application Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. More mobile manufacturers are also releasing Android Phones into the market at competitive prices.

Games that are available in the Apple Apps Store are most likely to be available in the Android Market. But most Android Users around the world will only be allowed to access the free apps. There are currently only 13 countries that are allowed to download the paid applications. More countries will be added in the future.
Singapore Android Users can only download the free apps and not the paid apps.
Paid Application Availability in your country>>>

Visit the Android Market on your Android Phone, you can view thousand of apps and games available for your Android Phone. If you are not able to view the paid apps and games, it means your country is not in the list of paid apps yet. In the mean time, you can download the free apps and games on your Android Phone.

Currently Android Market is only viewable from your Android Mobile Device.