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Kimberley Germaine Lim Cancer Battle Blog

Read on how this brave girl, Kimberley Germaine Lim battle her Colorectal Cancer. She has documented down her pains and endurance. This bought back my memories on my father battle against Lung Cancer many years back.

It is a financial strain and we will not be able to afford the expensive dosage meant for the well off people only. The government does not subsidized it and MediShield Life will not help due to the cap limit.

Read her blog to find out the real reality of contracting cancer in Singapore.

Hello My Name’s Kimberley and I’ve Cancer

49 Days Prayers

Today is the 49 Day Prayers for my deceased Father. The prayers start at 1245PM and the session last for 2 hours. The tablet is placed on the 善莲堂 2nd floor and the location is 948.
The next prayer will be the 100 Days Prayers which will take place at 善莲堂 on 17 Dec 2008.
Thanks for all relatives who have attended the prayers and help to made the preparations for the prayers.
We have made $50 of donation to 善莲堂 building funds on the behalf of my late Father.