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Whatsapp on Android free until 2021

Many of you know that the Whatsapp for Android is free for a year and then you have to pay yearly for it. But for me my Android Whatsapp expired on Jan 5 2021.


So what have I done so that I do not need to pay yearly?
This is probably a bug but I manage to get around it through sheer luck. Firstly, I purchased the Whatsapp app through the iTunes Store . I installed on my iPhone 3GS and register my mobile number on the Whatsapp network. I used it for a year and later change to the Samsung Galaxy S2.

I download the Whatsapp Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I register my mobile number on the Whatsapp network and then I get my service expiration in 2021. Take note that my mobile number is the same and not change.

On the Whatsapp Android App, the Whatsapp service will follow the mobile number as listed in the Account Info of the Whatsapp. I was lucky to get it for free for the next 10 years. I did not pay for it but yet my Account Type was PAID.

On an iPhone, there is no Account Info as you have purchase it and own the Whatsapp App in iTunes.