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North South SMRT Line Problem

Problems are arising at peak hours for the North South Line. This is particularly for commuters travelling northwards to Yishun, Sembawang and Woodlands. It is no longer esssential for extra trains to stop and start at Yishun. The major commuters are now not from Yishun but residents from Sembawang and Woodlands.

It is time for SMRT to do some problem solving techniques on solving the peak hour train problems. We would like to invite Minister Lim and the top management of SMRT to take a train at 6 to 7PM on weekdays at Ang Mo Kio Station and alight at Admiralty MRT Station. I can understand that these group of people will not understand the problem ordinary Singapore Residents is facing as their means of transport is CARs. We really need to get the ACTs together to solve this Transport Problems for the benefit of Singapore.