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Ace Insurance Singapore ignore my email request

Last month I have send a request to cancel my term policies with Ace Insurance as I have a better deal with American Home Assurance. Most insurance company will accept email request for cancellation of term policy and I send it in on 26 March 2009. I got acknowledge receipt of my email from Ace Insurace on the same day also.

But nobody responsd to my email and therefore I decided to call on 20 April 2009. I found out from customer service that my request was not process. Furthermore, I was asked to send in a request again and the staff, Winston promised he will monitor my email request closely.

I called in today to check with the customer service and confirmed that my request was recieved. My advice to all insurance customers who cancel their policy is to check out the cancellation status of their policy. 

American Home Assurance will process my request on receieving my email within one working day. A email will be sent out by their staff that they have process the request. This is what I call a great service standard by an insurance company.