Biker Ram Pedestrian at Red Light

A biker ram into a pedestrian at the traffic junction at Woodlands in Singapore. The pedestrian has the right to cross the traffic junction as the Green Man Light was ON.

SINGAPORE: A female pedestrian involved in a motorcycle accident that occurred last Saturday is recovering at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The pre-dawn accident happened at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 6 and 7.

The motorcyclist who hit her was arrested on the spot for riding dangerously.

A video of the accident, captured moments before the pedestrian was hit, has gone viral on the internet. The motorcycle which hit her had beaten a red light.

The woman was flung a distance on impact, with the motorcyclist involved eventually returning to the scene.

The pedestrian, who is in her late 40s, was conscious after the accident and brought to a hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Credits from ChannelNewsAsia>>>

Pedestrians do ensure that all vehicles has stop before crossing at any traffic junctions.

Better Be Safe than Sorry!

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