8 Shopping Malls in JB to Go Besides KSL And City Square in 2018

Singapore Residents love shopping in Johor Bahru. You may want to find out where you want to go beside the favourite haunts of City Square and KSL City.

If there’s one thing that attracts Singaporeans the most to JB, it’s the shopping malls. Everything’s just so much cheaper there, and there are so many quirky and fun things to do. We’ve gone and scoured for

Source: 8 Shopping Malls in JB to Go Besides KSL And City Square in 2018


Johor Day Trip

It is our family Johor Day Trip on a light drizzling Friday. W3 wanted to avoid the weekend crowd and jams expected at the check points. It took us an hour to clear both the check points in the morning.

The above are some of the good food we enjoyed at prices we can never get in Singapore.

The exhibiton of Marvel Super Heroes at Johor City Square.

JCO donuts at S$0.80 per piece. It is just like getting it from your local bakery store. The trick is buy after 6PM, as the second box is 50% off the retail price.

The security at Singapore are tighter. The custom now check your car boot before you endorsed your passport. I saw the officer asking the lady for the receipt of her bargain hunts. Watch out your shopping spree to avoid the GST levy imposed on you if it is above the limits, you know what I meant.