Singtel Fibre Entertainment Plan Loyal Customer

The Fibre Entertainment Bundle of 300Mbps with a Family Starter Pack cost $74.90 for recontract customers. You may contact Singtel online to get the rates reduce to $69.90 per month. Singtel will also issued you a new router.

But this time round, they are not going to give the half price on the Set Top Box rental which I have been enjoying. They had maintain the price will be fixed at $4.90 as no promotion. At the end of day, no service providers really cherish loyal customers. Therefore loyal customers had to pay $74.80 which is similar to new customers. New customers may even get better pricing if you happen to meet Singtel Road Show or Singtel Sales (Outdoor/Telesales) who can offered you a better deal than the above.

Loyal Customers is not really treasure by Singtel and the only place we can move is to Starhub. Therefore decide wisely to stay or to move?


Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S2, Singtel

Singtel APN Settings for Android Phones

APN settings should be on your phone depending which service providers u get the phone from. In Singapore all android phones are unlock. But u may not have the APN settings if u did not get it from your service provider. For eg, the APN inside is e-ideas or IDEAS which means the settings is from SIngtel and only works for Singtel customers. If u are a Starhub or M1 customers, u need to get the APN of your service provider in order to surf internet, read email, mms.

This is the APN settings for Singtel on an Android Phone(Post Paid Customers)

Name:IDEAS E-Mail
APN: e-ideas
Proxy:(Not set)
Port(Not Set)
User Name:(Not Set)
Password: (Not Set)
Server:(Not Set)
MMSC proxy:
MMS Port:8080
Authentication type:PAP
APN Type:internet + mms

Singtel Pre Paid Customers, pls refer to the PDF Guide by clicking here>>>

APN Settings for M1 and Starhub


 APN: shwapint

  • Username: LEAVE_BLANK
  • Password: LEAVE_BLANK

APN: shwap

  • Username: LEAVE_BLANK
  • Password: LEAVE_BLANK
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80


 APN: sunsurf

  • Username: 65
  • Password: user123

APN: miworld

  • Username: 65
  • Password: user123
iPhone 3G, Singtel

iPhone 3G Feelings

Many users have started using their iPhone 3G from Singtel in Singapore. You can now combine your iTunes songs, videos, photos, applications and voice call on one device.
You can open up to 8 web pages for surfing. Many users like the MSN Mobile, Facebook and MySpace applications. You can also use the App Store to download games. There are many games which are free for users and some are paid versions.
The iPhone 3G can made use of EDGE, Wi-Fi and 3G to connect you to the Internet. It will auto switch between the different protocols to connect you to the internet. Please ensure you have a data plan to save on the data charges.
YouTube is also preinstall on the device and you can search for the videos for viewing. Streaming of the videos is smooth and you can use the Wi-Fi or the 3G network.
Enjoy your iPhone 3G and subscribe to our blog for more updates.


Singtel Multi Sim Card FAQ

Singtel has launched a multi sim card function not long ago. Many users though they can combine different numbers to be use on one sim card but this is not the fact. You can only use one mobile number only but it allowed you to use it on different handsets, blackberry and laptop at the same time.

The definition of the Multi Sim card is as follows:
Multi-SIM service enables you to
have just one mobile line and multiple SIM cards (up to max. 4 SIM
cards). Now you can enjoy the convenience of using one mobile number
across multiple handsets or devices to make simultaneous data transfers
while talking on the phone.

You will be issued multi sim cards up to a max of 4 sim cards. At any one time, all Multi-SIM
cards can make outgoing voice calls/video calls/SMS/MMS. Only 1 of the
Multi-SIM card (term as Preferred Card) will be able to receive voice
calls/video calls/SMS/MMS. ALL the Multi-SIM cards@ will be able to use
data simultaneously. So, you can make a voice call while working /
surfing using a PDA/laptop/Blackberry.

Singtel Multi Sim FAQ