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Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten

Kanji Sonomama is the perfect tool for anyone learning Japanese. I have
been learning for about 1 year now and would find it hard to live
without. This is a translator. You can write in English and get
Japanese or write in Japanese and get English. Example sentences are
given in Japanese and English for each word. Hiragana is given for the
kanji but only when searched in Japanese. Basic knowledge of kanji
stroke order is required. This is one of the best apps on the ds. Far
better than buying an electronic dictionary and Cheaper.

Download at Romulation>>> | Buy the Game at

Nintendo ds apps

Japanese and English Dictionary for Nintendo DS

This useful Dictionary Application allow you to convert English word to Japanese word. In addition you can also use it to convert Japanese word to English word. The interface is in Japanese but it is easy to navigate especially if you know Chinese. Its limitation is it is unable to pronounce the word out like those language translator gadget.
Download the Dictionary for Nintendo DS>>>


Nintendo ds apps

How to Listen Music on R4 and DSTT

Everybody loves to listen music and MP3 is what everyone has nowadays. As a proud owner of Nintendo DS, I am going to show you that your DS not only can play games but also listen to MP3 songs. The DS Slot 1 device for
the Nintendo DS is the ultimate multi media accessory for Nintendo DS. This DS Slot 1 is for the popular R4, DSTT, Supercard and many other flash card series.

First of all you’ll need to grab your collection of MP3 music,
and copy and paste your MP3 music from your PC hard drive over to your microSD
Card.  This can be done easily by inserting the microSD card into the
microSD card reader/writer that comes bundles with the R4/DSTT DS.  Your
computer screen will show a pop up, asking you to play / search for media files
on this removeable drive, or to open the drive to view files and folder. 
We recommend you open the drive for your files and folders, with another Windows
Explorer window open, so that you can easily drag the files from your Hard Drive
to your microSD card.  STOP! Before you do so – we also strongly
urge you to make a folder on your microSD Card with the name MP3 or MP3 music. 
You’ll want to separate your MP3 files from your game / homebrew files, etc…

You’ need to loaded up a 3rd
party application called MoonShell
which enables your R4 DS/DSTT
to listen to music, read ebooks, show of your latest digital photos and even
watch movies.Now that the MoonShell software has loaded up, you’ll once again be greeted
by a menu system – this time the moonshell menu. Select the music file that you want to play and Moonshell will play the song for you.  Now all you’ll
need is your headphones and to plug them into your Nintendo DS.

Nintendo ds apps

Nintendo DS Browser Pack

The Nintendo DS Browser is a version of the Opera web browser for use on the Nintendo DS, developed by Opera Software and Nintendo. The Nintendo DS Browser comes in a version for both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite. this is due to the physical size differences in the memory expansion cartridges used by the browser.


Nintendo DS Browser makes use of the Nintendo DS’s touchscreen for input, with an on-screen keyboard as well as handwriting recognition and a stock of pre-set text (for example the .com and .org suffixes). However, the browser doesn’t support Flash, PDF, audio and video, partly due to the DS’s limited hardware resources, but mainly because they require third-party software plugins. The capacity for the memory expansion pack is 10MB.

The browser can render pages in two modes, Small Screen Rendering (SSR) or Overview. In Small Screen Rendering mode the contents of the page are displayed in a single column fitting the width of the screen – for example, a page featuring two columns of text side-by-side would be displayed as two columns one after the other. In Overview mode, a scaled-down "Overview" of the page is displayed on the touchscreen with a small selection box which can be moved around using the stylus. The contents of the selection box are displayed on the top screen at their full size. This selection can be brought into the touchscreen to click on links, enter text in boxes, etc.

The Nintendo DS Browser connects to the Internet through IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networks or hotspots using the built-in Wi-Fi capability of the Nintendo DS. According to the browser’s manual, the system is free to use at "Nintendo retail hotspots only": the Wi-Fi access points installed in Nintendo DS kiosks in stores. Attempting to connect to a The Cloud or BT Openzone hotspot launches the payment interface, although this doesn’t happen on many other servers.

Nintendo DS Browser Card

Nintendo Memory Expansion Pak

Entering Text using on screen keyboard

Text Entry – Handwriting Recogonition

Page Zoom

Nintendo DS Browser>>>

Nintendo ds, Nintendo ds apps

Playing Videos on Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS can also play videos on its console similar to the PSP. You need to have a flash cart like R4, DSTT or M3 card. It made use of the video format DPG to play on the nintendo ds. To playback and to encode to DPG you need to Download Moonshell plus the Moon Shell Windows Tools.
Most of users should have the moonshell as it comes with your flash card. You just need the Moon Shell Windows Tools now to convert your videos.
MoonShell Win Tools (DPG Encoder)

Converting video to DPG
Now you need to extract the MoonShell Win Tools archive. This will contain an executable called dpgenc.exe this is the application that encodes videos to the DPG format.


Run this application and then set the language to the relevant one using the drop down box. Now choose your video(mpg/mpeg/avi/wmv) and click Start and choose the output location and the encoding should start. Video encoding time varies depending on the video and your PCs processer. On my Window XP system encoding is roughly half the time of the full video. Once converted copy the video to your DS flash card restart your DS and load Moonshell. Now navigate to the DPG video file on the top screen of your DS and press A.

Nintendo ds, Nintendo ds apps

DS Organizer

DSOrganize is meant as a homebrew organizer application for the nintendo ds. It cannot replace your palm or pda applications but allow you to organize things on your nintendo ds. The latest version released is ver 3.1129(Birthday Release). You are able to edit text files, browse your memory card, connect to irc, surf the web using wifi, create appointments and others.
To get help on this application you can visit the wiki page>>>.
Download the DSOrganize